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Baseplay Pulse is a social health and fitness portal where you can access a curated list of workouts including yoga and pilates, meal plans, recipes, guided meditations as well as daily inspiration quotes.
Baseplay Pulse is free with ads and limited content, the premium version of Baseplay Pulse costs $2.99 per month with credit card. (For mobile billing pricing varies depending on your carrier). Premium access includes unlimited access to all content, ad-free and no in-app purchases.
Baseplay Pulse is available online at baseplay.co and on the play store on any mobile enabled device and adapts to all screen resolutions.
Click here to upgrade your account to a premium account and get unlimited, ad-free access to professional meal plans and workouts. If you’re having trouble accessing the product please reach out to our team at support@baseplay.co
You can cancel anytime by visiting the support section and following the appropriate steps depending if you have subscribed through credit card or through mobile billing. If in doubt you can always contact us on support@baseplay.co and we’ll be happy to help. If you cancel your subscription you will still have free access to limited content with ads.